Android Activations Reach 900,000 a Day

Google has announced that currently, Android activations are running at around 900,000 a day. This means that there are that many people who are setting up their Android powered smartphones and tablets each day.

With that many activations, we are wondering where do their old gadgets going? Probably joining the fast accelerated collection of discontinued appliance parts, but we can’t really tell.

In any case, the company’s senior VP of mobile stuff revealed the statistics through Twitter where, after insisting he had no plans to leave Google.

The roll out, this adoption, of this new technology is faster than anything that has ever happened. Faster than electricity, washing machines, CD players, radios, seriously, faster than anything that has happened before: yes, even mobile or cellphones themselves.

To put this into some sort of context: 1 million a day is 365 million a year (except in a leap year!) and that’s 5% of the entire human population. There just hasn’t been a previous technology with an expansion like this.

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