Apply Music Comes

Forget the Apple Watch. The real test of Apple’s ecosystem comes Tuesday, when the company finally launches its Apple Music streaming service.

For the world’s most valuable company, the offering is unlikely to move the earnings needle, especially with the first three months being offered as a free trial to anyone who signs up. It’s a great offer much like the ones they have at

But the consumer reception will say a lot about whether iPhone users still consider themselves to be part of a broader Apple experience, as opposed to just users of a well-designed smartphone.

Twelve years after the launch of the iTunes Music Store, Apple (ticker: AAPL) finds itself in an unusual position.

The company is arguably a music underdog that can no longer bend the industry to its will.

That’s evident in Apple’s conciliatory response last week after singer Taylor Swift criticized the company for not paying song royalties during the three-month free trial.

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