Aurora Borealis 2011 More Intense Than Previous Years

Aurora borealis, also known as the Northern lights, is a natural light display caused by charged particles in the atmosphere. It is commonly visible between 60 to 72 degrees latitude in the Arctic region.

This year, scientists are saying that the 2011 auroras are noted to be more intense than recent years due to the series of massive solar flares that occurred from the previous months.

Now, photographers from all over are trying to capture these northern lights hoping to preserve one of nature’s most unique and dazzling phenomenon.

Some, like Nate Bolt, have even made a video out of their photos of the sky. Below now is his video where he was able to capture an aurora borealis from an airplane. He was aboard a 10.5 flight from San Francisco to Paris and was documenting his trip when the fortunate incident occurred.

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