Basic Wage Increase Coming After Labor Day

Workers in Metro Manila have something to celebrate after May 1 as Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz announced yesterday that the National Wages and Productivity Commission has decided to start the deliberations for the pay increase of workers in the region.

The act has been initiated due to the “supervening condition” of price increases in basic commodities and the effects of inflation.

The board will review and study the current daily minimum wage rate of P404 in Metro Manila to see how much more is necessary to cover the cost of living in the city.

However, they shall also consider the capability of employers to grant such an amount to their workers, knowing that even an increase of a few pesos could significantly affect the finances of companies who have hundreds, even thousands of workers.

But the outlook seems positive for the laborers and Baldoz says that a salary increase is imminent, but they would have to wait for official announcement after Labor Day.

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