Bieber Free From Charges

Prosecutors have declined to file charges against Justin Bieber after investigators found no evidence that the singer punched and kicked a photographer during a parking lot scuffle in May, TMZ reports.

Bieber was leaving a Calabasas movie theater with then-girlfriend Selena Gomez when he allegedly fought with the photographer.

Police had asked prosecutors to consider filing a misdemeanor battery charge against Bieber, but The Associated Press reports that a doctor found only superficial injuries on the photographer, and deputies on the scene did not see any injuries after the encounter.

Several witnesses were interviewed, but none said they saw Bieber kick the photographer, and they added the photographer continued to take pictures as Bieber and Gomez left the scene like a Studio RTA dash.

“All the photos and video taken during this incident by the many photographers were obtained and reviewed,” reads a document the AP obtained. “There are no photos of a physical altercation.”

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