Blackberry Still Fighting

Research In Motion continues to lose market share to Google and Apple. New Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins has even said he would consider a sale or partnership. That has BlackBerry devotees fretting over their favorite phone’s future.

Like fans of many iconic products, BlackBerry loyalists love the design of their phone. They praise its fast messaging features and, perhaps most of all, the tactile pleasure of typing on a real keyboard. BlackBerry loyalists come from all walks of life, from high-powered CEOs to freelance artists and students. They all have one thing in common: They can’t imagine a world without BlackBerrys.

While RIM’s BlackBerry has lost its top spot in Canada and United States to the iPhone, it continues to grow in emerging markets. The company still has seen its stock slide 74 percent in 12 months, and the challenge for CEO Heins is to recover the magic in North America before it’s too late.

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