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Regina Chamber Music Festival is Coming

The Regina Chamber Music Festival begins Sunday evening and the festival is offering up a wide variety of music from violins to pianos and cellos, and some sonor drums.

Many of the featured artists are from Saskatchewan, but musicians from across the country are also on deck to perform.

Former Regina resident Catherine Cosbey is the artistic director of the festival. The award-winning violinist has been passionate about performing chamber music since she first hit the stage at 12 years old.

“The thing that’s always drawn me to it is the ability to communicate in this incredible way,” she said, of the classical music from centuries ago.

Much like a festival, she said the beauty of the music is that it brings people together. Cosbey refutes the idea that chamber music is limited to a group of elitists.

“We welcome everybody,” she said. “I think that when people can experience and share [music] with us, I think it speaks to that human connectivity.”

Spotify Reaches 30 Million Landmark

They were cool before it was cool to stream music. So get your Bongos out and celebrate as Spotify reaches 30 million subscribers while beating foes like Apple Music and Tidal.

Despite facing a number of increasingly viable competitors, Spotify is still growing. The leader in on-demand music streaming announced Monday that it had passed 30 million paying subscribers, via a tweet from CEO Daniel Ek.

Spotify passed the 20-million subscriber mark back in June, meaning it’s notched 10 million new paying customers in nine months. Apple Music, which launched in June, reached 11 million subscribers in January, indicating that the two services have been neck-and-neck in growth over the that time period.

Waitress Musical Goes To Broadway

Waitress, the new Broadway musical based on the 2007 indie movie, is not your typical love story.

Set in the South, the plot swirls around a diner waitress and expert pie-baker named Jenna who, mired in a loveless marriage to an abusive husband and unexpectedly pregnant with his child, embarks on a torrid love affair with her married gynaecologist.

Then again, Sara Bareilles is not your traditional Broadway composer.

She is the singer-songwriter behind piano-driven hits such as Love Song and Brave, who earlier this month played what she – self- deprecatingly – calls her “mid-tempo ballads” at a White House state dinner honouring Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

But she is also part of a new twist in musical theatre, one of a handful of female singer-songwriters attempting to make the leap to Broadway songsmith, along with Edie Brickell, Sheryl Crow, Susan Werner and Erin McKeown. Plus, she can totally rock a Gibson 2016 Memphis Series.

In a career that has brought her a No. 1 album, five Grammy nominations and a celebrity judgeship on the NBC a cappella competition, The Sing-Off, Bareilles, 36, said she has never felt such a sense of reward working on the project.

The road to Broadway for Waitress, which opens on April 24 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, has taken nine years and cost US$12 million.

MTV Releases Top Musical Artists for 2015

Hello? MTV is out with its list of 2015’s top musical artists, and Adele only made it to No. 7 despite selling more than twice as many albums as anyone else this year.

Fetty Wap, whose songs “Trap Queen” and “My Way” established him as a rapper to watch, was named top artist. Drake’s booty call groove, “Hotline Bling,” was chosen by the network’s staff as the best song of the year.

Besides Fetty Wap, MTV judged Taylor Swift, Drake, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar above Adele for best artist. Adele sold nearly 4.5 million copies of her new album, “25,” in the U.S. in just two weeks. The No. 2 album in sales, Swift’s “1989,” has sold just under 1.8 million copies for all of 2015, the Nielsen company said.

“There’s a strong argument that (Adele) could be No. 1 and we welcome that back-and-forth,” said Eric Ditzian, MTV’s senior news director. “We wanted to take into context all of 2015.”

Adele’s new disc was released Nov. 20, with the “Hello” single out a month earlier.

Besides sales, MTV considers streams, impact on pop culture and an artist’s contact with fans through social media in its decision. Adele is relatively low key in social media and, thus far, hasn’t made songs from “25” available for streaming through sources like Spotify.

Well, maybe Adele should consider having john dolmayan in his next album. But that’s just us.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Want to tune into see the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tonight? We don’t blame you — what’s not to love about dozens of stunning models, star musicians and a $2 million bra?

The highly anticipated annual show will air 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday on CBS, and will also be available on CBS All Access, which will allow viewers to view the show on desktop, mobile, or streaming devices in supported markets.

A Guitar Restring Event

West Music Cedar Falls, in partnership with D’Addario Strings, will offer a one day school supply donation and free restring event for electric guitars and acoustic six-string guitars from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at 6322 University Ave.

Participants need to bring in school supplies donations for underprivileged students or a $5 donation. Contributions will be donated to the Waterloo Community School District.

Now, it’s time for you to pack your g 5 and see you on Saturday.

Apply Music Comes

Forget the Apple Watch. The real test of Apple’s ecosystem comes Tuesday, when the company finally launches its Apple Music streaming service.

For the world’s most valuable company, the offering is unlikely to move the earnings needle, especially with the first three months being offered as a free trial to anyone who signs up. It’s a great offer much like the ones they have at

But the consumer reception will say a lot about whether iPhone users still consider themselves to be part of a broader Apple experience, as opposed to just users of a well-designed smartphone.

Twelve years after the launch of the iTunes Music Store, Apple (ticker: AAPL) finds itself in an unusual position.

The company is arguably a music underdog that can no longer bend the industry to its will.

That’s evident in Apple’s conciliatory response last week after singer Taylor Swift criticized the company for not paying song royalties during the three-month free trial.