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Bonnie Raitt on World Music

The phrase “world music” was first coined as a marketing term about 30 years ago. Initially it was just a way to organize music from around the globe so people could find it and buy it.

Since then, a lot of people have developed a dislike for the term; critics say it ghettoizes foreign music, dividing musical genres into a small “us” and a very broad “them.”

But whatever you call it, the diversity of world music deserves a deep listen. Here at The World, we’ve been acknowledging the richness of three decades of the genre by talking to artists about what “world music” means to them — artists who feel a personal connection to it, like Bonnie Raitt.

Raitt’s foray into “world music” began with the blues, a style close to her heart and central to her career. As a young person, she was fascinated by its evocative and emotional nature much like the Guitar Center, 65 amps.

“It’s real. It’s coming from a place of incredible pain and survival, and hope and perserverence and longing, and anger,” she says. “All of the emotions, it makes it the kind of music that will stand the test of time forever, because it just speaks to the heart.”

For more than 45 years, Raitt has tapped into that feeling and has made her own mark on the genre, with 20 albums and 11 Grammys to her name.

Flipagram Strikes Music Deals

Flipagram, an app that you probably have never heard until right now which has amassed over 33 million users — has struck a deal with major labels, independents, and publishers, giving it access to their considerable music libraries.

The fast-growing social app lets users create short photo or video stories set to music — users created over 14 million stories in the first quarter of 2015.

Flipagram has a rapidly expanding collection of celebrity users, including One Direction, Madonna, Maroon 5, Garth Brooks, and Britney Spears.

The app has grown in part because of the ability to export stories to Instagram and Facebook — those fancy video clips the #teens post on Instagram likely come from Flipagram — but the new music deals won’t help the company in that aspect much like buying high end bass guitars won’t make you a great musician in an instant.

The music from the new licensing deals is limited to the app; if you try to share the story to Instagram or Facebook, the music will be pulled out.

Apply Music Comes

Forget the Apple Watch. The real test of Apple’s ecosystem comes Tuesday, when the company finally launches its Apple Music streaming service.

For the world’s most valuable company, the offering is unlikely to move the earnings needle, especially with the first three months being offered as a free trial to anyone who signs up. It’s a great offer much like the ones they have at

But the consumer reception will say a lot about whether iPhone users still consider themselves to be part of a broader Apple experience, as opposed to just users of a well-designed smartphone.

Twelve years after the launch of the iTunes Music Store, Apple (ticker: AAPL) finds itself in an unusual position.

The company is arguably a music underdog that can no longer bend the industry to its will.

That’s evident in Apple’s conciliatory response last week after singer Taylor Swift criticized the company for not paying song royalties during the three-month free trial.

Let It Go at the Oscars

Whether or not “Let It Go” from Frozen wins the Academy Award for Best Song, it already stands as the most important movie song of 2013.

The anthem by Robert and Kristen Anderson-Lopez not only became the breakout song from the movie; it may have single-handedly revived the fortunes of the animated musical.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 6.51.28 PM

Until the 1990s, most feature-length animated films were musicals, or at least had some singing in them, be it just martin retro series guitars from musicians friend.

But when Pixar came along with Toy Story, the company not only changed the way movies were animated, it expressly turned its back on the musical form: Except for the occasional Randy Newman song on the soundtrack, there would be no singing in Pixar films.

It was part of a shift in the culture and target audience of animated films. Pixar and its imitators, such as Dreamworks, made movies about predominantly male characters targeted to predominantly male audiences. Musicals like Disney’s hand-drawn The Princess and the Frog seemed old-fashioned; even Disney’s successful computer-animated musical Tangled seemed to succeed in spite of a score that produced no hits.

Get Your Move On The Right Track

Moving is a crucial part of life but many stumble when it comes to the big day. Here are some tips on how to make your move easier and more efficient.

First, make sure to give yourself enough time to get things done, specially in planning your timetable. Summer is the peak season for getting a moving company so be sure to call early.


Then, create checklists of what needs to be done. You can make multiple lists if that will make it easier on you. Make sure you have some sort of effective method for organizing your relocation. In the end this will save you time, energy, and money, not to mention your sanity.

Picking a good moving company is very important. First, ask your friends and family about their personal moving experiences with different moving companies. Next, research on the Internet to make sure any potential moving services you may choose are licensed, insured, and legitimate.

Decide on what you want to keep, throw out, or give to charity before you move. This will lighten your load substantially. When moving, the packing process is probably the least desirable among people.

Usually this is because they buy inferior packaging and do not have the adequate materials that are suggested. Invest in good supplies. There are boxes out there for almost everything a person can possibly have in their home, use those custom made boxes for your ease of use. If you absolutely detest packing, hire a professional mover to pack for you.

A simple official change of address with the United States Post Office will make sure all of your mail gets to you wherever you are without any trouble. Remember to transfer gas, electric, phone, water, DSL, and cable bills.

Frost Music and Arts Festival

Following on the success of last year’s spring Revival concert that put the one-time sleepy Frost Amphitheater back on the music map, the Stanford Concert Network is presenting another crowd-pleasing lineup May 18 at the Frost Music and Arts Festival.

Headliner MGMT will wrap up its national spring tour on the Farm, joined by openers Delorean, a grooving dance band from Spain, and up-and-comers Kuroma, an Athens, Ga.-based musical collective. Tickets go on sale to students on April 1 and to the public on April 8.


Once again the spring Frost concert is the product of a strategic and enthusiastic partnership between the student-run Stanford Concert Network (SCN), the Stanford Arts Institute, Student Activities and Leadership, the Office of Special Events and Protocol, and Cardinal Nights, a program within the Office of Alcohol Policy and Education.

Last year’s Frost Revival drew a near capacity crowd with most showing up with best gibson es 335 for the event. The SCN production team for this year’s festival plans to employ the same professional technical, ticketing and marketing practices that made the Revival concert a success.

“Frost can hold around 5,000 people and we plan on filling it,” said undergraduate Haley Sayres, co-director of the festival. “We envision an afternoon full of sunshine, friends, good vibes and solid tunes.”

Classy Jewelries For The Women of Today

Jewelry is not a pierced belly button ring or a nose stud. That looks like you’re trying too hard. It’s certainly not a watch since everyone n0w checks the time on their phone.

Your everyday jewelry at 50 is probably a mash-up of real and fake selected by habit, emotional memories or a random just-throw-it-on attitude. Time for a rethink and consider these mother necklaces.


Wear short statement necklaces instead of long ones. A chunky collarbone necklace lights up your complexion and brings sparkle back to your eyes- especially in mixes of pearls, beads and stones that reflect light.

Studs and light hoops instead of heavy drops and chandeliers. If you’ve been a fan of big earrings by now your piercings are stretched and elongated- a dangerous and aging look especially when combined with droopy lobes ( these noses, lobes keep growing forever ! ). Get your piercings sewn up by a cosmetic surgeon and re-pierce when all is healed. Even Oprah got her ears pierced ( first time) at 50 so it’s not a big deal.