Epifanio de los Santos Birth Anniversary Today

To most Filipinos, EDSA is more than just a major thoroughfare in Metro Manila, but also the venue of many historical moments of the country such as the People Power.

And the Filipino who it was named after, Epifanio de los Santos y Cristobal would have been 140 years old if he’s alive today.

A nationalist and a well-respected intellectual, Epifanio de los Santos was born on April 7, 1871 in Malabon, Rizal and is often referred to as the “First Filipino academician”.

Don Panyong, as he is called by the members of the revolutionary, is a spirited writer for the resistance and a founder of several newspapers that talked about patriotism and freedom during his time.

As a public servant, he became the Governor of Nueva Ecija and served as the Director of the Philippine National Museum and Library until he passed away in April 18, 1928.

Highway 54, the longest thoroughfare in Metro Manila, was renamed to his name in 1959 by virtue of Republic Act. No. 2140. And that’s how EDSA came to be.

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