Foo Fighters Rock Midtown

Music Midtown 2012 was a rockfest as Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters turned Piedmont Park played their hits, “Best of You”, “All My Life”, “The Pretender”, “My Hero” and current hit “These Days”.

“They told us we could only play for two hours; we usually do two and a half or three,” Grohl said from the stage, then, after drawing a rousing ovation for Petty’s “Breakdown,” added, “If we start playing cover songs, we’ll be up here for six hours. We’re really just a cover band.”

Then he started to amp some awesome effects pedal plays and continued singing.

One of the biggest treats of the festival came when Grohl invited veteran rocker Joan Jett — “One of my heroes,” he said — onstage to perform “Bad Reputation” with the band.

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