How To Make Hard Boiled Easter Eggs | Easter Egg Design Easy Tips

This Sunday will be Easter already and to help you celebrate it, here’s a quick feature on how to make Easter Eggs for your Easter Egg Hunting Games. So how do you boil an egg and what do you use to pain it?

The answer is very easy. First, here are instructions on how to boil an egg to make an Easter Egg.

How to boil an egg: First step is to heat water in a pot until it boils. Second, put the egg into the boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Third, turn off heat and fetch the egg inside the pot. And last, dry and let cool.

How to make an Easter Egg: First, get some food coloring and a clean paint brush. Second, dissolve or dilute the food coloring in water. Last, dip your brush in the solution and paint your Easter eggs.

Always use food coloring because it’s safe and non-toxic. If you want the colors to be vivid, then just apply several coats to the egg shell.

We have two Easter egg design tip for you. First, do an image search online and use what you see as inspiration for your designs. You can copy them or use the pattern and enhance with your own creativity.

Second design tip, just paint it however you like and then just tie a colorful ribbon around it. It’s easy to do because you don’t have to be an artist.

Happy Easter Egg hunting everyone!

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