In China, Even iPad 2 Replicas Are Out of Stock

Apple’s launch of the iPad 2 in China is a huge success with record-breaking crowds lining up to get hold of the device. Both fans and enterprising individuals who are planning to sell the iPad 2 at a premium price are all racing the stores to buy an iPad 2.

But it’s not a quiet and patient wait because some Mac stores in China have experienced frantic crowds with people getting hurt and even store facilities being broken.

It’s truly an overwhelming demand which you can further see as the iPad 2 becomes the hottest selling item for the Qingming festival – a ritual for the dead where Chinese people burn replicas of luxury items for their loved ones.

In this ceremony, devotees would usually honor their ancestors by burning fake money and other items made of paper such as cars and designer bags. It’s also common to have replicas of the latest mobile phones and other gadgets. And this year, even the replica iPad 2 is out of stock.

Is this a sign that China has indeed become the best market out there for early adopters?

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