IPL 2011 Live Stream Now Available Through YouTube Live

Leading video sharing site, YouTube, has unveiled a page that features live streaming of various television programs and sports events.

And one of the sports to be featured, the 2011 Indian Premier League. Currently on its fourth season, cricket fans can now watch IPL 2011 live streaming online through YouTube Live which is powered by IndiaTimes YouTube channel.

So from April 8 until May 28, 2011 – Indian Premier League followers can watch IPL 2011 online through YouTube Live at www.youtube.com/live

YouTube started the initial rollout of its live streaming service Friday, which will add live video capabilities to the Google-owned site for the first time.

As weeks come, YouTube moreover states that they will gradually give their content partners with good standing a live streaming feature so they can broadcast their online shows in real time while having it automatically recorded and uploaded to the site for replay viewing.

Moreover, it has been reported that Google plans to invest as much as $100 million in producing original content for visitors of the site. In the meantime, cricket fans should already enjoy watching their favorite Indian Premier League teams play their matches for the IPL 2011.

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