Jailbreak for iPad 2, iPhone 4 with Carrier Unlock Now Available

A new tool to unlock the carrier for the iPhone 4 and likewise jailbreak iOS 4.3.2 and older devices such as the iPad 2 has been released and is now available online for free download. The software, the PwnageTool jailbreak tool has recently been updated by the UnlockGuide team. UPDATE: Please read at end of post.

Many sources has revealed that this latest jailbreak has worked and is safe to use for devices such as the iPhone 4 and older generation models and the recently launched iPad 2.

Jailbreaking an iPhone has been possible because of the software flaw found by Limera1n Geohot in the iOS. Currently, Apple has now done anything to patch this issue.

Many technology enthusiasts also say that the latest software tool version provides an untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.2. Making that a total of three different ways to make an untethered jailbreak, particularly by using Redsn0w (Windows and Mac), sn0wbreeze (Windows) and PwnageTool (Mac).

One last note though, as jailbreaking is not an Apple supported activity. We always advice that you do not do this unless you’re willing to face the worst consequence of breaking your device beyond repair.

UPDATE: We’ve personally tried to JB our iPad 2 and it seems that the software is incomplete and fails to complete the process. However, the JB software worked well with the first generation iPad.

10 thoughts on “Jailbreak for iPad 2, iPhone 4 with Carrier Unlock Now Available

  1. Travis

    I cant figure out how to get my iPad 2 jailbroken…I am on a windows PC and have tried Redsn0w and sn0wbreeze…nethier seemed to work…can somebody please help me…thank you! 😀

  2. Payam

    has anybody tried to JB the ipad 2 with the new program. If so, plz give details on how to do and what IOS you are on.

  3. Aser

    Wow… These guys are losers…
    First of all, there is no current jailbreak for the iPad 2. The device is Apple’s “best protected device ever,” with the bootrom inside the a5 chip itself. This patches the limera1n and shatter exploits.
    Second of all, unlock guide is scam trying to make money by selling you information about FREE jailbreak tools.
    …When will people learn about stuff like this? Jail breaking was meant to be FREE!

  4. Justin

    It’s not out yet not even on unlock guide .org I should know I’m a member! But it will be out soon! Idev team rocks!

  5. Stu

    Saw this website when doing my daily jailbreak search.

    There is NO iPad 2 Jailbreak yet, its done, but cant be released as it uses Apples own code, therefore it would be illegal.

    They are working on rewriting this code, so stay cool folks :-]

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