Lady Gaga Thinks Rebecca Black is Fantastic

Last Tuesday, during the Musicians@Google event, global pop star Lady Gaga said that she thinks that what Rebecca Black did was fantastic – referring to the 13-year-old singer who has been much criticized lately for her YouTube music video, Friday.

“I say Rebecca Black is a genius and anyone that’s telling her she’s cheesy is full of shit,” Gaga bravely says despite not yet seeing the video which she made. Over the weekend, former AI judge and X-Factor producer, Simon Cowell, defended Black as well.

Black invested $2,000 L.A.-based Ark Studios to record a song and produce the video. Now, according to estimates, she’s earning around $27,000 a week from iTunes sales and YouTube streams.

And just in case you’re living under the rock, here’s the famed Friday video, now with more than 39 million views on YouTube.

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