Many People Fall Asleep Listening to Adele

The music of Adele has been voted as the most popular to fall asleep to.

In a survey of 2000 people undertaken by hotel chain Travelodge – via Capital FM – Adele was found to be the top artist to help people fall asleep at night.

She was followed by Coldplay, who previously topped the poll in 2008 and 2010. Snow Patrol and One Direction also featured in the Travelodge Top Five. So it seems marshall 2061x from guitar center is not your best lullaby instrument.

Travelodge quoted Edinburgh Sleep Centre expert Stevie Williams while giving the results of the poll. Williams said: “Results from various sleep studies undertaken with a variety of male and female groups, has indicated that listening to soft, relaxing music at bedtime leads to a number of different benefits to a night’s sleep.”

And you thought this was negative news against Adele, right?

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