Miley Cyrus Takes The Spotlight at the VMA

The artist formerly known as Hannah Montana has gone into overdrive to kill off her Disney protégé image, at the MTV Video Music Awards.

It was enough to drive the online conversation mad for most of the evening and well into today, as Time magazine points out, with its analysis of why many, many people will be talking about this little performance for some time to come.


Those reasons include, for the uninitiated, Miley’s near-naked performance (dancing in a nude bikini), the audience reaction (a viral image of Will Smith and family watching her performance aghast did the rounds yesterday, although it later turned out they were actually looking at Lady Gaga’s set) and debates around what is and isn’t appropriate on and off stage from a 20 year old are pouring in.

Miley Cyrus has twerked, gyrated and grinded her way into a new look faster than you can say MTV Video Music Awards. She is clearly keen to shed her childhood star image. In the blink of an eye, it seems, this little girl – a teen idol cast in the TV series Hannah Montana – has grown up and exchanged her toys for a cool vocalist live 5 at musician’s friend

She is now a woman: not a teen, not a girl. And for Miley, this ‘woman’ hasn’t wasted any time in portraying herself as a half-naked, tongue-sticky-outy ‘package’ complete with oodles of sex appeal: not unlike most of the girls you see gyrating about in today’s music videos.

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