Moderate Drinking Good For The Heart, Study Shows

According to the latest edition of the British Medical Journal, moderate drinkers showed a 14% to 25% reduction in heart disease compared to people who have never drunk alcohol in their life.

Meanwhile, another article from the same Canadian research group, showed that moderate drinking can caused an increased level in “good” cholesterol.

While many studies have already shown that drinking alcohol in moderation has some health benefits. It has only been now that more evidence have been added to the topic.

However, Cathy Ross, senior cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, reminds everyone that, “If you don’t drink, this is not a reason to start. Similar results can be achieved by being physically active and eating a balanced and healthy diet”

On the other hand, Professor William Ghali, from the Institute for Population and Public Health at the University of Calgary, says that drinking one to two servings would be the moderate level suggested if one wants to consume alcohol and drinking more “can cause high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers and damage to our heart.”

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