New BlackBerry Bold Released by RIM

Last Monday, mobile phone maker Research In Motion released the new version of BlackBerry Bold. The new BlackBerry Bold has been updated with a new software and a touch screen to rival the latest smartphone models in the market today.

In the US, T-Mobile will be carrying the BlackBerry Bold 9900 which will be released later this year. Many believe that this move by RIM is their response to their declining sales after the iPhone 4 and Android phones began saturating the market.

Like its original version which was launched in 2008, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 features a keyboard under a 2.8-inch-screen in landscape orientation. But aside from the touch screen, it’s now also thinner at 10.5 millimeters, and thus making it the thinnest BlackBerry yet.

It also features the latest BlackBerry 7 OS which promises to give a better user experience and a faster web browsing capabilities. RIM first demonstrated the phone during the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando, Florida.

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