Obama Calls The Space Station

The US President, Barack Obama made a call to the International Space Station (ISS) today, greeting the astronauts with “This is President Obama, who am I talking to?”

After the crew introduced themselves, he jokingly said, “Well, that’s funny because I was just dialling out for pizza; I didn’t expect to end up in space.”

The president made the call to the ISS as his final tribute to the crew of space shuttle Atlantis before the shuttle returns to Earth and retires.

President Obama says, “There have been thousands who have poured their hearts and souls into America’s space shuttle programme over the last three decades that are following this mission with special interest. To them and all the men and women of Nasa, I want to say thank you. You helped our country lead the space age and you continue to inspire us.”

He’s now set to take NASA towards commercialising low-Earth orbit space transportation. By using private companies, he hopes to gain profit for the country from the generated income of taxi astronauts that transport to and from the space station.

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