Online Schools Getting More Attention

To avoid long commutes and other expenses, many students and professionals are taking their education on the internet. Many have already graduated from these online schools and more are coming.

One of the was Chris Lao who got an online law degree and is now studying for the bar exams. He says that he would have not been able to get his degree if not online because he has a day job.

However, with this development, traditional educators are now starting to question the eligibility of these websites to teach, as well as their credentials to be educators.

Currently, a virtual education research from 2009 says that those who attended online schools did as well as those who went to the traditional classroom. This study was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

“Online learning is the future of American education. Precisely because it’s so transforming, it’s threatening to the established institutions,” said Terry Moe, a political scientist at Stanford University who studies the online school boom.

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