Pandora Ready To Launch Soon

Spotify and Apple Music may have another competitor soon. Pandora just announced it has reached new licensing agreements with two of the biggest labels in music, Sony and Universal Music.

It also acquired licenses from Merlin Network, a company that represents indie labels. The third major label, Warner Music, is not on board with Pandora yet. These new agreements will make it easier for Pandora to launch new streaming services, including a rumored $10 per month on-demand music service to rival Spotify and Apple Music.

As far as the licensing agreements go, the company describes it as a “win-win partnership between Pandora and the music industry.” Are you ready to listen to belle epoch to pop music on Pandora?

However, the absence of Warner Music is noticeable, and some reports suggest that today’s announcement is meant to put some pressure on the label. A source told Billboard that Warner Music is, in fact, in talks with Pandora and close to completing a deal.

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