ParTech Wins Tech Vendor of the Year

ParTech, Inc., the largest subsidiary of PAR Technology Corporation, has been recognized by the Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) as the Technology Vendor of the Year award.

The company received the award for its great efforts in improving the business operations of Subway franchisees in the United States and some parts of the world.

According to Marina O’Rourke, director of retail technology for Subway, “PAR’s consistent delivery of exceptional performance and value for our franchisees has earned it the honor of the 2011 Subway Technology Vendor of the Year Award. PAR steps up to the plate and continues to exceed our expectations. The whole technology program with PAR has been a ‘home run’ in terms of overall processes, product quality and service delivery.”

PAR has been installing POS systems for Subway since 2009. Last year, they were named Rookie of the Year for the technology category in the same awards organization.

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