Philippine Flood Relief Continues

Relief efforts continue in southern Philippines as various NGO’s, socio-civic organizations, media outfits, bloggers and the government participate in the nationwide cause.

“Water has not been restored to many areas, and people are not well sheltered,” Gwendolyn T. Pang, the secretary general of the Philippine Red Cross, said Monday by telephone. “The risk now is to the health of the survivors.”

According to the Red Cross, 652 people were killed, and hundreds more are missing, after flash floods produced by Tropical Storm Washi ripped through the southern Philippine cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan during the night. About 45,000 people are in evacuation centers.

The Philippine government’s national disaster council put the total number of dead at 684 and estimated that fewer than 100 were missing.

The discrepancy in figures, local officials said, is based on the fact that the Red Cross’s missing list includes people whose relatives have been unable to contact them and have requested that they be traced.

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