Pia Toscano: A Video of Her American Idol 10 Journey

The shock of this week’s elimination in American Idol 10 is far from over and many fans of the show are still asking why Pia Toscano was voted off. In simple reasons, it’s because her fans did not vote enough.

They may have become over confident about Pia Toscano’s status or the fans of other contestants voted harder to keep their idol alive. Whatever the reason is, we’re sure that Pia and her singing talent, will continue to entertain us in the coming months and perhaps, years.

Remember that winning American Idol is not a guarantee that you’ll have a successful music career. And many of those who have launched themselves to the next level did not actually won the competition (read: Jennifer Hudson).

So to Pia Toscano, congratulations for a job well done. And to all her fans, we hope you enjoy this video that chronicles her journey through American Idol 10.

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