Pia Toscano Leaves American Idol 10 With A Smile

It’s one of the most shocking results show to date, someone who may thought to be in front of the pack, Pia Toscano, has been eliminated and voted off in this season of American Idol.

All contestants, and the three judges showed dismay over the results of the American public votes. The judges already used their one-time save for Casey Abrams and there’s nothing they can do now to save ballad songster, Pia Toscano.

Reactions of judges:

Jennifer Lopez: “I have no idea what just happened here. I’m shocked. I’m angry. I don’t even know what to say.”

Randy Jackson: “I’m never upset on this show and I’m never really mad, but this makes me mad.”

Steven Tyler had nothing to say over the outcome but he emphasized that “lack of passion is unforgivable”, pertaining perhaps to the fans of Pia who did not vote for her because they were overconfident of her status in the contest.

However, the idol contender herself, Pia Toscano, was very gracious on the outcome and says, “I’m good!”

To Pia, we wish you a good career in music ahead of you. You know you have the talent and remember, some of the most successful singers from American Idol didn’t really win it.

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