PlayStation Network Back Online By End of Week Sony Claims

Sony reps have announced during a press conference that they’re optimistic that the PlayStation Network will be back online by the end of this week.

Sony executive Kazuo Hirai has also apologized to all gamers for the downtime and promised that the PSN will be up and running by Friday. He promised that the network will be stronger and safer than ever for all players.

Moreover, the PlayStation blog has also announced, through Sony rep Patrick Seybold that the PS3 network has undergone a “forced system software update” which would “require all registered PlayStation Network users to change their account passwords before being able to sign into the service.”

This is a necessary step for the company to ensure an additional level of security, that the password of the users be changed on the same PS3 where it was originally activated, or through validated email confirmation.

9 thoughts on “PlayStation Network Back Online By End of Week Sony Claims

  1. Charasta

    A few sites are reportin that the PSN is up and running but the official PS (both EU and US) site still states the PSN is ‘OFF’ so false hope yet again. Dont care who is to blame, just want to get back online now. Weather is gettin bad again lol was ok while sun was shining!

  2. vitalblast

    Here’s a thought…

    What if all 70 million of us frustrated PS3rs
    offerd 50 cents to PSN so that they could offer a 35 million dollar reward for the “capture” of the wankers that kept us offline for two weeks ?

  3. dude

    yea i agree to 50c. that should help them alot. i just want to get online and play some call of duty black ops. i would give up food for a week just to play it for two days straight.

  4. sssmokeout

    hope Kazuo Hirai is for real this time, been diss too manytimes and not very happy now…

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