PlayStation Network To Go Back Online After Further Testings

Gamers expected the PlayStation Network to be back online by this weekend but Sony just announced that they would have to be a little more patient.

The company says that it has delayed the restoration of the network to conduct further testing and ensure that the PSN services will not be breached again in the future.

Sony spokesperson Patrick Seybold made a statement on the official PlayStation blog saying, “Our utmost priorities are the security of the network and ensuring your data is safe. We won’t restore the services until we can test the system’s strength in these respects.”

When will the PlayStation Network go back online? Seybold specified no date.

Thus, gamers will have to wait a little more before they can go back to online gameplay in their PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portables. Likewise, they still won’t be able to access their account management menu, PlayStation Home as well as see their friends list and chat with them online.

12 thoughts on “PlayStation Network To Go Back Online After Further Testings

  1. Catherine Ramos

    I say, I have no need to complain. I’m also one of Sony’s customers and have patience to wait. If they have improved security, I do hope that the changes they made, will not effect their great services. If that does happen, their population could be disastrous. Many will rather play on a Xbox360, then go from there. I am really looking forward to playing online soon, and I will be one of many to review the new changes. Keep up Sony!

  2. Charasta

    I agree with the first post. Can wait if ensures stable system in the future. Been a long time Sony fan, since my first Walkman, but do think they will lose a large portion of gamers if anything like this happens again. Which is prob the reason why they ARE taking their time. Good things come to those who wait n all that!!!

  3. Ahmed Nehad

    I totally agree with all what said. Sony is making their best now to restore everything back and hope it will be soon. I miss my online gaming. Keep us updated sony

  4. tenzin

    now this is getting really ugly..just shoot these motherfuckin low life hackers without even contacting the a really low patience guy but rite now im with sony. as compliment for the downtime id like to hear that these hackers were killed..fuk dis

  5. mike

    sony need to hurry the fuck up.or i will sell my sony stuff and buy a xbox 360 which i sold to get a ps3

  6. chris

    i just hope it comes on soon iv gotten use to being let down so it doesnt bother me now.i just hope treyarch will give us a double xp weekend since we cannot play right now thats all im asking

  7. biazejohnson

    3 weeks and counting no update on a date or time this will be online. I mean currently sony hads left their customers in the dark since the start of this problem. Not just that they also have never once kept their promise on a date that it will be back online. Hint sony don’t make promises you can’t keep for consumers expect you to know and tell exactly what is going on and not once have you. My faith by week 2 was still strong with you and your company it is slowly fading since your consumers are just a joke and it seems you make open ending promise to drag thisd out so people will still go out and buy your games and not wait for a accurate release date of the psn being online. Today is my b-day for this does not concern you in the least i completely understand but for all the other PS3 users out there I speak for mjost when I say give us a accurate and current date when it will be up and stop beating around the bush to try and save the few games you are currently coming out with and have since this happened.

    MAG—>AVR Clan Leader

  8. tony

    Sony is a billion dollar giant y the hell do they care about their consumers we only paid for a system that was all talk and no action all they r doing is draging us along and lieing the whole way they dont care if a free service is available any time soon they r still making millions so they will make the psn outage their last priority they still cant b up front with their fan base all they do is make excuses and y the hell would anybdy put their credit card info on a game system thats just as bad a sony lies thas y they make game cards for

  9. alex

    FOR GOD DAMN SAKE ……..Everyday i search PSN and i see

    1. playstation network online very soon
    2. by this week psn will be up and running.
    3.Playstation Network Return Delayed.
    4.PlayStation Network To Go Back Online After Further Testings
    5.Playstation Network still down as more attacks expected
    6. Still no word on when Playstation Network will be back online
    7. Playstation Network Not Back Online Anytime Soon

    are they playing with us or what….seriously give us specific time ..or just keep focus on fixing god damn unsecured network….

  10. Jeff

    Omg! I don’t care about the free games, playstation plus or cross game chat! Just flip the switch already Sony! If it’s not on this week goodbye Sony and hello microsoft!

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