Poisonous Seed Bracelets, Gets Recalled

The Eden Project, a major tourist attraction in Cornwall, has called for the return of their bracelet souvenirs which has been discovered to be made out of poisonous tropical seeds.

The attractions own horticulturists has just recently made the health risk findings. David Rowe, an Eden Project spokesperson, says “We are talking about a strung seed bracelet which comes from Peru. The seeds are laced into string. We’ve identified the seeds as potentially dangerous so we have withdrawn the bracelets from sale immediately.”

The bracelets, which is made from the abrus precatorius seed can induce lethal poisoning when ingested or swallowed.

The company is now offering a refund for those who bought the bracelet. Meanwhile, those who are planning to buy one there can still choose from a number of safe and risk free ornaments such as shamballa bracelets and tribal necklaces.

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