Premium Rush Review

Premium Rush is now showing and this movie is about the daredevils who work as Manhattan bicycle messengers. With a map of the city imprinted in their brains, they hurtle down sidewalks, run red lights, go against traffic, jump obstacles and insist on using bikes without brakes.

And as far as reviews are concerned, Koepp wants to capture the immediacy of bike messengers zipping through hostile territory, but Premium Rush has an arcade elasticity that’s a few stops removed from reality.

In a clever touch, he slows down the action in dangerous situations and charts the various paths Gordon-Levitt can take to get out of trouble — like a split-second Choose Your Own Adventure where two options end in bloody catastrophe and a third is a needle-thread to safety towards a mens wedding rings.

Premium Rush is great fun — nimble, quick, the thinking person’s mindless entertainment. In the same week of ‘Hit & Run,’ which offers only meager escapism in a high-velocity realm, director and co-writer David Koepp’s thriller about a bicycle messenger pedaling for his life, up and down and across Manhattan, delivers a bracing corrective. On two wheels, only! Four’s for losers.

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