Price Harry Caught Wild in Vegas Romp

We’re sure the Queen will be very proud — nude pics of Prince Harry, third in line for the throne, have surfaced after his trip to Vegas.

Unfortunately, when you’re royalty, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. On Friday night, Harry and his friends were allegedly staying in a “high rollers hotel suite,” and naturally, they made their way down to the hotel bar, where they made some new friends and invited them up to the room.

What followed was a game of strip pool… which Harry apparently isn’t very good at, because a partygoer snapped these nude pics of Harry cupping the crown jewels and flaunting the royal rear end. TMZ acquired the photos of a very naked Harry pressed up against a woman (who is wearing underwear in one photo… not so much in the other).

One thing is for sure: Whoever snapped these photos and sold them is not going to be invited to Buckingham Palace for tea any time soon.

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