Regina Chamber Music Festival is Coming

The Regina Chamber Music Festival begins Sunday evening and the festival is offering up a wide variety of music from violins to pianos and cellos, and some sonor drums.

Many of the featured artists are from Saskatchewan, but musicians from across the country are also on deck to perform.

Former Regina resident Catherine Cosbey is the artistic director of the festival. The award-winning violinist has been passionate about performing chamber music since she first hit the stage at 12 years old.

“The thing that’s always drawn me to it is the ability to communicate in this incredible way,” she said, of the classical music from centuries ago.

Much like a festival, she said the beauty of the music is that it brings people together. Cosbey refutes the idea that chamber music is limited to a group of elitists.

“We welcome everybody,” she said. “I think that when people can experience and share [music] with us, I think it speaks to that human connectivity.”

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