Starbucks Will Have Own Coffee Brewing System

If you saw that the stock prices of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters fell steeply down Thursday, then you should know that it’s because Starbucks has decided that they will sell a different at-home coffee brewing system, again.

Two years ago, Starbucks ended their relationship with Kraft, which then had markets for their at-home brewing machine, then last year they partnered with Green Mountain.

“The relationship with Green Mountain is as solid today as it was when we began,” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced during a conference call. “It is in both our interests for Starbucks and Green Mountain to cooperate in such a way that we continue to sell those K-cups in the same spirit we did when we began.”

Well, Starbucks might as well put myoripped on their coffee, in our opinion. But in any case, that is really the news right now.

Green Mountain’s stock, which fell $1.32, or 2 percent, to $62.40 in regular trading Thursday, sank more sharply in after-hours trading when the news was announced, then began to rebound.

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