Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson Confirmed For Next AI Season

New judge Steven Tyler and one of the originals, Randy Jackson, will be returning to the hit show American Idol for season 11, with the third judge still in question.

Many are wondering if Jennifer Lopez will return for another season, since she has not confirmed either way but has a great deal of opportunities opening up next year.

“I haven’t been forced to make a decision and I’m glad about that because I’m on the fence,” Lopez said in an interview on BBC Radio 1.

It was not too much of a surprise for the rock star, Tyler, to come back because he was under a two-year contract with the network. Jackson, however, has been voicing his enthusiasm to return with the original judges for quite some time, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

There is no evidence indicating when the news for the third judge will be announced. Lopez has made it clear that she loved doing the show but has a lot of obligations to think about. It was reported she accrued $12 million for the one season, but she may be looking to make more with her other deals.

“In the beginning of my career it was busy all the time and I didn’t mind. I was on my own, I was running around and doing all this for the first time. I loved it. But I didn’t know how to say no. Now I’m a little more mature and I have a life with my family. You have to say no,” Lopez explained in the BBC interview.

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