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Apply Music Comes

Forget the Apple Watch. The real test of Apple’s ecosystem comes Tuesday, when the company finally launches its Apple Music streaming service.

For the world’s most valuable company, the offering is unlikely to move the earnings needle, especially with the first three months being offered as a free trial to anyone who signs up. It’s a great offer much like the ones they have at http://www.guitarcenter.com/Acoustic-Guitars-Guitar.gc

But the consumer reception will say a lot about whether iPhone users still consider themselves to be part of a broader Apple experience, as opposed to just users of a well-designed smartphone.

Twelve years after the launch of the iTunes Music Store, Apple (ticker: AAPL) finds itself in an unusual position.

The company is arguably a music underdog that can no longer bend the industry to its will.

That’s evident in Apple’s conciliatory response last week after singer Taylor Swift criticized the company for not paying song royalties during the three-month free trial.

New Macbook Pro Released

Apple has just announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference the specs of the new Macbook Pro. The new MBP now comes with a 2,880 x 1,800 pixel “retina” display among other improvements.

New specs include Intel’s new third-generation Core processors. Formerly known under the code name Ivy Bridge, these new CPUs offer modest performance and battery life improvements over the previous generation, but much better graphics performance via Intel’s new HD 4000 integrated graphics.

And expected to drive Retail System sales, is the new Nvidia GeForce 650M graphics chip, an upgrade and vendor switch from the AMD graphics in the previous MacBook Pro models.

Apple iOS 5.1.1 Released

Apple has just released today a new version of iOS that fixes bugs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Apple’s iOS 5.1.1 includes five fixes, including a bug that could prevent the new iPad from switching between 2G and 3G networks. It also improves the reliability of using the camera’s HDR option from the Lock Screen shortcut, as well as synching Safari bookmarks and Reading Lists.

The update also fixes bugs affecting AirPlay video playback and fixes a glitch whereby the “Unable to purchase” alert would show up after successful purchases.

iOS 5.1.1 can be downloaded from Apple.com, via iTunes, or over-the-air on compatible iDevices.
Apple’s iOS 5.1 was released in the March, the same day that Cupertino unveiled the new iPad, and it included things like Japanese language support for Siri.

Apple iPad 3 Buzz Getting More Intense

As the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 came to an end last week in Las Vegas, many are now speculating on when the Apple iPad 3 could come out. More than that, a lot of guessing what the features of the next generation best-selling tablet could be.

Some of the loudest buzz say that the new iPad 3 could have 4G LTE connectivity, faster processor, higher touch screen resolution and a memory card slot. Another one is the possible release of a smaller iPad, dubbed as the iPad mini which could take on the lighter weight Amazon Kindle and Samsung Galaxy Note.

As for the release, many are saying it would happen in February or March, which is around the same time that the iPad 2 was announced last year.

Financial Times Leaves Apple’s App Store

The Financial Times doesn’t want to do Apple’s new rules for in-app subscription policies that’s why they decided to leave the iTunes App Store.

Apple imposed new App Store regulation that required developers to sell product subscriptions through iTunes, with Apple earning 30 percent of the profits. Developers are angry, saying that these restrictions will affect their revenues.

Financial Times spokesman Tom Glover reports that the paper is directing readers to the Web app, whichnow has 555,000 users.

There Will Be No iPhone 5 on Labor Day

Many people are saying that Apple will release the fifth-generation iPhone on September 5, the US Labor Day holiday. But it’s really unusual to do a product release on a holiday.

The news comes from an anonymous source at Swisscom, who claims that there were information in the company that the iPhone 5 will ship in the US on Labor Day and it would be available in October to them.

While the exact date could be wrong, it’s expected that Apple would indeed release the iPhone 5 on September.

Apple Fixes PDF Vulnerability with iOS Update

Tech company, Apple has released today an update for the iOS. With the version 4.3.4 update, the company hopes to fix the PDF vulnerability from infected files and stops JailbreakMe iPhone unlocking tool from working.

The PDF security loophole was discovered by Germany’s national IT security agency who claims that downloading an infected PDF file could allow hackers to access private information on the device.

Aside from the fixes, iOS 4.3.4 does not add any new features for the device. The update can be downloaded by simply connecting your device to iTunes and choosing the update.