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Android Activations Reach 900,000 a Day

Google has announced that currently, Android activations are running at around 900,000 a day. This means that there are that many people who are setting up their Android powered smartphones and tablets each day.

With that many activations, we are wondering where do their old gadgets going? Probably joining the fast accelerated collection of discontinued appliance parts, but we can’t really tell.

In any case, the company’s senior VP of mobile stuff revealed the statistics through Twitter where, after insisting he had no plans to leave Google.

The roll out, this adoption, of this new technology is faster than anything that has ever happened. Faster than electricity, washing machines, CD players, radios, seriously, faster than anything that has happened before: yes, even mobile or cellphones themselves.

To put this into some sort of context: 1 million a day is 365 million a year (except in a leap year!) and that’s 5% of the entire human population. There just hasn’t been a previous technology with an expansion like this.

Nicknames For Google+ Now Allowed

Google has changed its previous policy on Google+ and has now allowed users to add custom names to pages. This was announced in a blog post in the Google+ blog where VP Bradley Horowitz confirms that the social network has become more lenient with their policy on usernames.

So beginning Monday, Horowitz announced that the network will now start rolling out the new feature. And to prevent name squatting of trademarks and brands, Google will ask for official scanned documents from you that you have authority to use the name.

Horowitz states that the changes are a “small step towards improving the ways in which you can communicate your identity on Google+. We will be listening to feedback from the community and will continue to refine all aspects of how we handle names and identity over the coming weeks, months and beyond.”

Google on Siri

Google’s Andy Rubin, during the AsiaD conference this week, says that smartphones should not become your assistant. He may be saying his thoughts on Apple’s newest feature, the voice-assistant, Siri.

Rather, he said, it should be seen and used as a tool because “you shouldn’t be communicating with the phone; you should be communicating with somebody on the other side of the phone.”

Apple’s Siri has been the object of great fascination for many in the short time since it burst onto the scene. People have used it to sing duets, to muse on the meaning of life, and to break into a locked iPhone 4S. They’ve speculated about its (her) personality and whether it will ruin our civil society.

Ice Cream Sandwich Android To Launch Next Week

Google will release the newest Android OS version, Ice Cream Sandwich, next week Tuesday at the Samsung Unpacked event in San Diego.

The news comes from the official Android Developers YouTube channel, which posted a video placeholder video called “Android ICS launch” which unfortunately, has already been removed. However, it can be remembered that Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt announced last month that Ice Cream Sandwich will be due out in October or November.

Samsung will be revealing their latest Android phone, the Nexus Prime, which would most likely be the first Ice Cream Sandwich powered smartphone complete with not just a phone charger but all the features of Honeycomb and optimized for tablet PC environments. Many are saying that this would be a tablet phone.

Google Launches +1 Button

Search and tech company, Google, has officially launched their +1 button which resembles the Facebook “Like” button where users can vote and recommend websites which they think have merit.

Google made its +1 content recommendation button available to all users last June 1st and can now be seen in several websites as well as in Google search results.

According to the company, the next step for this incorporating the +1 button to products and services as well.

Currently, users need to be signed in to their Google account to be able to see the +1 buttons on Google’s Android Market, YouTube, Blogger and Google Product Search.

The +1 button is available in 44 languages, though +1 activity is currently available only on English-language search results on Google.com.

Google Celebrates Anniversary of First World Fair

It’s the 160th anniversary of the first World Fair held at The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London. And Google is celebrating that event which happened in 1851 today with their own Google doodle below.

Entitled, “Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations”, the event was an initiative by Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria and is said to be the very first international exhibition of manufactured products.

And since then, many other World Fairs and similarly, Trade Expositions were held throughout the globe in numerous countries. The spirit of commerce and international business relations has been strengthened because of the foundations that World Expos have laid.