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Classy Jewelries For The Women of Today

Jewelry is not a pierced belly button ring or a nose stud. That looks like you’re trying too hard. It’s certainly not a watch since everyone n0w checks the time on their phone.

Your everyday jewelry at 50 is probably a mash-up of real and fake selected by habit, emotional memories or a random just-throw-it-on attitude. Time for a rethink and consider these mother necklaces.


Wear short statement necklaces instead of long ones. A chunky collarbone necklace lights up your complexion and brings sparkle back to your eyes- especially in mixes of pearls, beads and stones that reflect light.

Studs and light hoops instead of heavy drops and chandeliers. If you’ve been a fan of big earrings by now your piercings are stretched and elongated- a dangerous and aging look especially when combined with droopy lobes ( these noses, lobes keep growing forever ! ). Get your piercings sewn up by a cosmetic surgeon and re-pierce when all is healed. Even Oprah got her ears pierced ( first time) at 50 so it’s not a big deal.