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Madonna’s Top 3 Most Underrated Videos

Madonna practically invented the music video. Since her debut clip “Everybody” in 1982, Madge has penetrated pop with unforgettable, controversial and iconic videos.

There are enough posts that (rightfully) sing the praises of Madonna’s best videos, like the Catholic church-defying “Like a Prayer” and the discotastic “Hung Up.” (And let’s not forget this writer’s favorite video: the deserted, melancholic “Frozen.”)

However, where is the love for Madge’s videos that aren’t as well-known? We decided for the Top 3. So take out your wwbw.com has dr beat and listen to the funky “True Blue”, the sexy “Girl Gone Wild”, and some the downright bizarre “Bedtime Story”.

“True Blue” (1986) – Some say cheesy. We say adorable. “True Blue’s” do-woppy sound gets a ’50s-style visual, where Madonna and her gals pal around in a convertible and a diner. And its background? (True) blue, of course.

“Girl Gone Wild” (2012) – The paint-by-numbers “GGW” received a video that is anything but ordinary. Featuring sexy male dancers in heels, precision choreography and homoerotic undertones galore, this black-and-white video is quintessential Madonna. “Justify My Love” 2.0.

“Bedtime Story” (1995) – Madonna’s weirdest video to date, “Bedtime Story” plays out like a psychedelic–and at times downright disturbing–dream. Featuring bizarre images of skulls, doves and the infamous mouths-as-eyes Madonna, this avant-garde clip is serious foreshadowing for Lady Gaga’s strange brand of pop art.

Madonna Doesn’t Like Hydrangeas

During the beginning of the Venice Film Festival press conference, as Madonna stands in to promote her movie, W.E., a fans is given a bouquet of hydrangea.

While the Pop Legend accepts the flowers, she also expresses her big dislike for hydrangeas. In the video below, she can be seen reacting negatively on the fan gesture.

A rep from Madonna, after the video went viral, says to CNN that “She’s entitled to like any flower she wants and she didn’t want to hurt the feeling of the hydrangeas of the world… No disrespect to the hydrangeas lovers of the world but she prefers different types of flowers.”