Tattoo Black is Here

A device that is described as the future of broadband technology deserves a major introduction – and Tattoo did not disappoint.

In presenting Tattoo Black, the elegant mobile stick that combines the fastest speed powered by Long Term Evolution (LTE) matched with unparalleled customer service, Tattoo had not just one but four events to reveal the fast, fierce and fabulous features of the device to a crowd of Internet-savvy users now all waiting in anticipation for Tattoo Black’s arrival in a few days.

The Tattoo Black launch was such in a grand scale that it became a trending topic twice during the launch day on September 27, creating a queue of subscribers who pre-registered to avail of the Tattoo Black offers.

Globe President and Chief Executive Officer Ernest L. Cu announced that the company is right on track on its efforts to create a new, future-proof network for Globe subscribers which would mean seamless and the most stable connection as he lauded the sustained double-digit growth of Tattoo and the launch of Tattoo Black.

Spotted speed-testing and grooving to the music of DJ Clyde Harris at the Tattoo Black main event at the Fashion Walk were the who’s who in entertainment, sports, media and business circles.

Tattoo Black comes at Plan 1799 and the Tattoo Black Elite at Plan 2499. Subscribers of Tattoo Plan 1799 get a free USB stick that runs at speeds of up to 28 Mbps upgradable to a Superstick for a minimum additional charge of only P150 a month. The Tattoo Superstick serves as a personal Wireless Fidelity (WiFi) that could connect up to five devices. Tattoo Black Plan also offers huge discounts at partner establishments plus nationwide concierge assistance.

Tattoo Black Elite Plan 2499 boasts of speeds of up to 42 Mbps and a host of premium services including a dedicated hotline, priority handling in stores and a personal relationship manager, complimentary tickets to Tattoo events, priorityreservation on Globe handset and tablet devices and 24/7 personal concierge service.

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