The 17 Day Diet Weight Loss Strategy Getting A Lot of Buzz

Television shows such as Dr. Phil, The Doctors and even Good Morning America has already featured the “17 Day Diet”. It’s a weight loss program that promises anyone to lose up to 15 pounds in 17 days, and many say it works.

The “17 Day Diet” is a nutrition and exercise program which features four food cycles that one must follow for 17 days each. Moreover, one must likewise do a 17-minute walking exercise everyday to enhance its effects.

The diet was created by Dr. Michael Moreno and he claims that changing the body’s nutritional intake every 17 days will prevent one from reaching the weight loss plateau – the moment when a person experiences a significant decrease in the rate of weight loss.

“There’s scientific evidence that has been researched. We call it metabolic or body confusion,” claims Dr. Moreno during his guesting in Dr. Phil.

Looking more into the details of the program. One is expected to lose some water weight during the first cycle of the diet. Meanwhile, the added exercise routine in cycle two ensures one continues to lose weight. By the third cycle, healthier food choices are given more focus while the fourth and last cycle becomes the maintenance program where you can keep the weight off for the long term.

Many say that the “17 Day Diet” works simply because it’s a combination of healthy and smart eating, a close monitoring of calorie intake and everyday physical activities. Even if you don’t follow a plan, you’re sure to lose weight by doing such activities – however, the “17 Day Diet” gives you a more structured routine to follow and that’s why many say it works.

How about you? Have you tried doing the “17 Day Diet”? How much did weight did you lose?

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