What Will Happen in CES 2012?

The Consumer Electronics Show 2012 is already happening next Tuesday in Las Vegas and many are anticipating the new family of gadgets that will be coming out in the market.

If you can remember, 2009 was the year of the netbooks while 2010 was for 3D televisions and electronic readers. 2011 became the year of the Android tablets and for 2012… what do you think it will be?

First, there will definitely be buzz about OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode displays which is said to give more vivid colors than LCD/LED TVs. LG is planning to be the first OLED HDTV supplier.

Ultrabooks, as introduced by Intel, could be a big thing this year. These are laptops as small as netbooks but with power like a high-spec computer. These will definitely make the MacBook Air a run for its money.

Last but not the least, expect a good roundup of quad-core smartphones that will be launched during CES. With the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models dominating the market, other mobile phone manufacturers will certainly want to bite a big chunk of that profit pie.

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