Yuri Gagarin: Honored This Week at St Petersburg

A memorial plaque in honor of Yuri Gagarin on his 50th anniversary of the first piloted spaceflight was unveiled at St. Petersberg in Petrogradsky district last April 11th.

The event was attended by friends and family and reports say that many stories about the young Yuri Gagarin was exchanged during the event.

One of the most interesting fact related was that Yuri Gagarin originally did not have interest in aviation. Yuri, who was fulfilling the desire of his parents, first worked as a mechanic right after graduating from the Saratov vocational school.

However, during his time in Saratov, he joined the “AeroClub” and took flying as a mere hobby. But right after graduation, he pursued the hobby and went on to attend military flight training in Orenburg Pilot’s School.

Several years after, he became a cosmonaut and went to the history books as the first man in space.

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